The Time is Now to Renovate the Campbell Library

As a Civic Improvement Commissioner, Anne would hear monthly reports from the Campbell Library. The Campbell Library is in immediate need of a major renovation.Read More


The Time is Now to Plan for Affordable Housing in Campbell.

It is important to Anne that we maintain our quality of life and ensure that new projects include meaningful benefits for existing residents.Read More


The Time is Now to Invest in Our Youth.

As an educator, she saw the potential of her students, but also the obstacles that they needed to overcome to succeed. She believes in an even playing field for all. Read More

Quality of Life for All

I have a vision for the future of Campbell “Quality of Life for All”.   As a commissioner, I am aware of the many needs of the City of Campbell. I was raised in a family that believed in service to others.   I am committed to the community and dedicated to progress. I am open minded and will listen to all sides of the issues. I come prepared and will work with the other members of City Council on creative solutions. Keeping our communities safe is important to me. We need managed growth to help with affordable housing while keeping safety and traffic calming measures in mind. The employed homeless has increased tremendously in our neighborhoods. We need solutions that help our economy and wellbeing. I want to be the voice for those that need to be heard. I am inspired by the Youth of Campbell and hope that the City Council will consider the future of our youth as decisions are made. I want the elderly to be able to afford to live in Campbell and keep our recognition as an elder-friendly city. I grew up in Santa Clara County. I want to still be able to recognize the area I grew up. The heritage of Campbell is unique and we need to keep that in mind when decisions are made.

Anne Souza


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