The time is now to plan for affordable housing in Campbell. The strong economy creates a demand for new commercial services and residential units. Meeting that demand does require new development and a certain amount of change. When change happens, it is important to Anne that we maintain our quality of life and ensure that new projects include meaningful benefits for existing residents. Anne would like to see a Commission in Campbell that deals with the housing crisis. There are several non-profit organizations that can be partnered with to help Campbell with below-market rate housing.

The fundamental cause of homelessness is the widening housing affordability gap. The numbers are increasing for the employed homeless. Many more people are living out of their cars in Campbell and line our neighborhood streets and parking lots. Several are service workers for Campbell businesses. We need housing-based solutions. There are others that are long-term street homeless individuals – the majority of whom are living with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and other serious health problems. The homeless of Campbell deserve our attention. By addressing this issue, we can only help the quality of life of all residents. Anne also wants to make sure that all that reside in Campbell are counted in the census.