Anne Campbell Youth Commission


The time is now to invest in our youth. Anne’s entire career has been focused on working with youth. As an educator, she saw the potential of her students, but also the obstacles that they needed to overcome to succeed. She believes in an even playing field for all.

As a Civic Improvement Commissioner, Anne started a Youth Job Fair with the help of the Campbell Youth Commission. Working together to bring the businesses in and near Campbell with High School Youth, resulted in 3 successful job fairs from 2016-2018. The commission also offered a resume writing and interviewing workshop to help prepare the youth for future job possibilities. As a manager at California Sports Center, she has hired hundreds of high school students, giving many of them their first job. She is also on the Campbell Union High School District Work Experience Advisory Board.

Working with youth in the foster system is another area that Anne believes needs more attention. The foster youth in our region, and across the nation, are one of the most under-resourced: half will not graduate by age 18; 1 in 3 experience homelessness; 71 percent of young women are pregnant by age 21; and, 4 in 5 of young men are arrested by their mid-20s.  Such disparity of outcomes needs to be addressed. Through the Junior League of San Jose, Anne has had opportunities to volunteer with different organizations such as Pivotal, the Hub and First Place for Youth that help with those transitioning out of the foster system.

Anne has also volunteered in Juvenile Hall as a sponsor for meetings. She understands the need to invest in children at an early age. It will save money in the long run.